About Ecogalvanic Ltd
Ecogalvanic Ltd. was established in late 2004 as a joint Bulgarian- Swedish company. Subsequently, from 2012, the sole shareholder remains the Swedish company ECOGALVANIC SWEDEN AB. The company is a subcontractor of electrolytic surface treatment to the metal industry. The Swedish parent company has extensive experience in the electrolytic plating industry and supports Ecogalvanic Ltd. with equipment and know-how. In 2005 Ecogalvanic started nickel-chrome rack line. In 2007 was installed zinc rack line. Both are automatic. The company only uses 3-valent chroming and passivation. During 2014 automatic zinc barrel line will be placed in the production hall. Our company is approved supplier to IKEA. 2000 m2 production area is used for the daily activities. There is possibility to expand with 7000 m2 more. From 2008 Ecogalvanic is certified with ISO 9001:2008. The system helps us to continuously improve our quality. From June 2013 Ecogalvanic Ltd was issued Complex Permit 458-N0/2013 by the Executive environment agency. It gives us permission to exploit the existing facilities and future new ones.