Types of decorative plating in the automatic nickel-chrome line using racks:

  • only semi-bright nickel
  • semi-bright nickel and chrome
  • duplex bright nickel and chrome
  • nickel and tin

The line allows plating of iron parts up to LxWxH 25003601000mm.
Types of electrochemical processes in the automatic zinc rack-plating line (LxWxH 25004501200mm):

  • zinc-plating with trivalent blue passivation
  • zinc-plating with trivalent yellow passivation
  • zinc-plating plating with trivalent black passivation
  • zinc-iron plating with trivalent black passivation

All types of zinc plating can have a transparent protective sealer. Modern laboratory is set up in the company together with BRENNTAG BULGARIA that secures the high quality plating processes. The equipment is supplied by SCHLOTTER Galvanotechnik Germany.

Today the plated pieces are tested also in approved laboratory and they fulfill the demands on:

  • layer thickness
  • visual (brightness)
  • ductility